Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hi everyone! My name is Cahlen Fogg, I am a sophomore at the University of Southern Mississippi, and this is my first blog. This will serve as one of my projects for my MCJ 102 class and also as a way to get myself better connected to my major. Since my major is Entertainment and Media Production, I feel that using this blog as a tool will be able to better myself as a writer while also giving me a chance to work my creativity for the genre. Once I graduate, I hope to use my major in order to move  out of the state and find a job working for a movie production company or in television. I feel that I would work better in a job that allows me to take the role of producing for the production. When sending time outside of my major, I mainly like to spend time going to the movies, drawing, and keeping up with all my favorite shows like: The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, How to Get Away with Murder, and Modern Family plus more. As you can see, I’m a huge TV buff! So, I hope that this year is a learning experience and allows me to better myself with my craft. I will be sure to keep you all updated!


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