Black Friday

Now that everyone is full from their Thanksgiving feast, the next thing on many people’s list is to get an early rise in the morning to buy discounted televisions and early Christmas shopping. Black Friday has always been portrayed as a great chance for consumers to spend their hard earned money on the material things they want, without having to break the bank. But this fun time is always takes a darker turn somewhere in the country, and usually ends with people getting into fist fight, anxiety, and even getting trampled to death. Cases like these makes me question why Black Friday is still as big as it is. Just a few years ago, I found out that there are other great sales that mirrors Black Friday with the same same benefit. Cyber Mondays, Small Business Saturday, and since being in San Antonio (we finally made it by the way), there’s even a Gray Thursday in central Texas. With all these special days where you can shop online from the house or avoid the heavy crowds, why would I want to go out at 6 a.m. and play The Hunger Games Walmart Edition?


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