Kobe Retiring

The fact that Kobe Bryant is now retiring is a true wake up call. Now I’ve never been a basketball fan, but this news of him retiring shows just how much time has passed. Since I could remember, Kobe Bryant was always a name heard in pop culture. His presence has always been there even though I never found interest in an NBA game. But now that he is retiring, it should make people realize, especially to millenials, just how old they really are. This man has been playing professional basketball since 1996. I was born in 1996. Living in a world where Kobe Bryant doesn’t play basketball to me is like like living in a world where the sun never comes up; it’s just supposed to happen. And to top it all off, Kobe’s only 37. This dude has been around for all these years, and yet he still hasn’t touched to point in age where a midlife crisis should occur. Time is so different to each generation.




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