Broadcast and Print

Writing broadcast and print news have many things in common, but are two completely different mediums. For broadcast, the main difference between that and print is the layout in which it is presented. Broadcast uses a table with two columns in order to differentiate between what the speaker is saying and the video on screen. In addition to this, the use of sound clips have to be implemented in order for the anchor to know at what point to pause. In contrast, print is directly to the point, involving a lead and answering WWWWWH. In addition to this, the major details are included in the beginning allowing lesser details being included at the end. What both have in common is that they both use leads to open the subject. Other things include using quotes from witnesses or key speakers in order to get outside perspectives on what the news story is about. If I could choose one, it would have to be broadcast. Considering that I do not buy newspapers often, for me broadcast would be more accessible since I usually have my laptop or a television near.


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