Evolution of Communication

We now live in a world where communication ranges from different mediums. Some the most useful forms that have came up in recent times is the use of social media outlets like: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Facebook changed the way users can connect to others, while at the same time giving people a way to know about others without even asking. Twitter then took this format and expanded on the socializing aspect by giving users only 140 characters and implementing hashtags. The way Twitter used the hashtag made it easier for users to find out other’s views on subjects involving the news, entertainment, and even fellow peers. I believe Twitter’s use of the social media layout has made better use of the communication among people and has provided a faster news outlet for breaking stories, but it should not be relied solely on. We should take hold of these new forms of communication, but we should never neglect the ones that came before like the newspaper, radio, and regular news broadcasts.




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